A Tour of Mont Blanc, (sort of) June 23, 2006 to July 11, 2006 (continued)

Caught this bird eating a seed while waiting for the bus

Dinner  consisted of chicken with peaches, mixed veggies and potatoes. Went out with the group for after dinner drinkies to try to be social but it started to rain so everyone ran back as they didn't want to get caught out again.

Thursday (6/29)

Carey and Mel both believe the hike today would be too difficult for me.  So I got a free ride in Tom's van. First stop was Grande St. Bernard which has been a way station for travelers for over 2000 years, including Napoleon. 

The tour van at Grande St. Bernard. The blue bags are our tents.

Tourists and St. Bernard

I got dropped off at Aosta. Italy's northernmost city which was the Roman town of Augustus Praetorius. It had quite a few nice ruins. The forum was in excellent shape. The theater would have been very impressive if it hadn't been under renovation.  There are a lot of screeching martins flying around the town. Visited Aosta for a couple of hours and then took the train to catch the bus to the campsite. 


Roman ruins, Aosta

Augustus Arch

Scenes from 1500's church murals

So tired I slept on the train.  Missed the last bus in Courmayeur so started walking towards the campsite as it was about 6 km from town.  It was getting late and I needed to be at the campsite by 8 pm or someone would start worrying about me.  Ended up getting a lift for the last 3 km by a guy who had a german shepard caged in his back seat. The dog really hated me and barked its head off for the 5 minute drive. Dinner was tabouli salad with basil and pasta bowties with ham and mushrooms.  Overate again.