Monday Ė 18 June 2007

Itís raining today.I canít find my camera.We walk back to the restaurant but thereís a different staff and they donít know anything about a camera being left behind.There goes yesterdayís videos and snapshots.Guess its better to lose a camera on day 1 than day 9 of the trip.Walked along Nevsky Prospect and found a Panasonic shop that had the same model camera that I had lost.It wasnít any more expensive so I went ahead and bought it.Also bought a mini travel hair dryer for $10.


Earl found the fresh market andpicked up pickled vegetables, farmers cheese, and smoked fish.We discovered one needs to look down into the basement stores to find the grocery markets.There we got some eggs, dark bread, and drinks.One would get tired of eating white toast, pate and yogurt everyday at the free hostel breakfast.


Entrance to our hostel is the black door right of the lady.


Hostel accommodation map - Note # 22 Supermarket is no longer.




We have new folks staying with us in the other private bedroom at the hostel--a family from San Antonio.Sarah had been working in Riga this past year and her husband, Nial, has been taking care of their daughter, Clare who will be four this coming Sunday.Nial has collected over 5000 beer labels.


Finally got ahold of Earlís cousinís friend via phone so we walked over to give him his package at 10 pm.

One of many Atlases at the Little Hermitage across the street from Cousin Emily's friend's home  


We stayed for cookies and tea and then walked back through the Hermitage square in the rain.  Earl liked the atmosphere as he thought it looked more like the deserted pictures that he remembers of St. Petersburg.  His mental image of desolate St. Petersburg  was surprized by the modern, bustling with people, city.  Got back to the hostel and found out we were locked out of our area.The new folks had put on the inside deadbolt.Lots of hard knocking finally woke them up.Later the hostel staff put cellophane tape all over the deadbolt as a hint to not use it.


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