Wednesday – 20 June 2007


Visit to the Russian Museum.  This museum was on Earl’s must see list.  Tsar Alexander III had seen the museum in Moscow dedicted to Russian art and felt that St. Petersburg needed one too.  He died before fulfilling his dream so the last tsar of Russia, Nicholas II, dedicted this museum to his father.    Probably the most famous painting here is “The last days of Pompeii”.  Earl noted that the sculpture and painting of Catherine II looked similar so one could assume this is how she really appeared in real life.


Click here for pictures from a Russian Museum


Nils showed us his “Rough Guide” which gave hints about how to see Novgorad.  We followed the directions and went to Gostiny Dvor where the Russian tours kiosks live.  Earl purchased the most expensive bus tour ($40 ea) for Sunday. 


At the hostel, I ended chatting with a lady from Manhattan and a guy from Japan.  Lana had been to Shanghai but now doing the Trans-Siberian railroad to Beijing.  She’d be in town till Sunday and then moving on to Moscow.  It was his last night so they proceeded to go out with other folks till 3:30 in the morning. 


Took an evening walk with Earl to see the sunset by the river at 11 pm.  Found out later that we came back too soon.  They turn on the lights and music on the fountain in the river around midnight.


River Neva

Neptune on top of the Hermitage overlooks the Neva River



This bridge is a popular spot for weddings

Scaffolding for the big event on Saturday celebrating the White Nights

Red Sail will fly later

Under the arch by our hostel at 11 pm


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