Monday – 25 June 2007

Last Day.  Earl went to the stamp show while I slept in.  He got a vermeil.  Could have been better.  We finished off the last of our provisions for lunch.  The family is off to Novgorad today.  We decided to do something easy and take the canal boat ride. 


Boat trip hawkers

Handouts so tourists know what 5000 rubles looks like


Once upon a time Pepsi Cola was the big drink, now it is Coca Cola



Sushi is very popular


Go figure


Art Sale


They're everywhere


Bear appears to be waving goodbye



Met one of Earl's stamp buddies on the street so we went back to the Turkish restaurant and had dinner.  More lamb chops for Earl.  I tried the grilled salmon this time.



Tuesday – 26 June 2007
Up at 4:30 am to catch our transfer at 5:15 to the airport.  Three hour flight to Paris and then two hours to catch the flight back to Miami.  We used most of the two hours riding from bus to bus to bus at the Charles de Gaulle airport.  Stayed awake and read “The Life of Pi” on the eight hour flight back to Miami.  What an interesting book.  Back in Miami at 3:30 pm (11:30 pm Russian time). 


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