30 October, Thursday - Day 3
Flight to Puerto Maldonaldo, Boat to Tambotka Nature Reserve, Canopy Tower Walk

We’re up at 6 am to catch the taxi to the airport as our plane leaves at 8:35 am. Breakfast is a ham and egg croissant at Dunkin Donuts in the airport. The plane first stops in Cusco, then Puerto Maldonaldo for a 1pm arrival. The airline makes us check our backpacks as they had run out of room in the overhead compartments. Posada Amazonas guides greet us at the airport. We have to make a stop in the town because some of the folks on our tour had luggage which didn’t arrive. It’s pretty warm so we try a homemade fruit ice bar. They served us some brazil nuts, plantain chips and nectar juice so we wouldn’t starve before lunch. The boat ride out to the reserve is about an hour.

They serve us Chinese fried rice in banana leaves for lunch. We’re to throw the leaves into the river when we finish.

Saw 3 capybaras, many orange and yellow butterflies and green parrots with blue wings (Cobalt winged parakeets) on the clay licks while on the river.

Our open to the jungle room has a safe but no key so we had to ask management to fix it. Rusela’s backpack is coming apart at the zipper so she spends some time sewing it up. The showers have no hot water but because of the heat, a cool shower is okay. At 4:15 pm we are taken for a walk to the canopy tower.

It's only 120 stairs to get to the top of the tower to view the jungle treetops

We only have four people in our group. Our guide, Paty, shows us the walking palm, leaf cutter ants and the owl butterfly. There’s a tree (Snake tree) which sheds its bark to keep the strangler vine from getting a hold on it. It’s pretty warm but we survive the tower. There are small insects trying to land on us to suck on the salt in our skin. I have a mosquito net hat so I put that on to keep them off my face.

Unfortunately while I was taking a photograph of a brazil nut tree, I put my wrist on the banister of the tower and accidentally hurt a bee so it stung me. I treated it immediately and happily it didn’t swell.

We saw blue and red macaws flying over the tree canopy and squirrel monkeys. Supposedly there are three types of venomous snakes in the jungle. We never saw any.


We walk back in the dark.

The lodge has kerosene lanterns lit but they do not give off much light. We have a nice dinner of chicken, mixed vegetables with horseradish sauce, passion fruit juice and banana flan pudding. The candle light is adequate illumination at night although we brought headlamps just in case. The beds have mosquito nets but the only bugs we see are grasshoppers.

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