01 November, Saturday - Day 5

Clay lick tour, Boat to Puerto Maldonaldo, Flight to Cusco

Wakeup call at 4:15 am. There's a sound like wind in the trees which are the howler monkeys. Only time for coffee. Paty wants to take us to the parakeet clay lick that we missed yesterday because of the weather.

We walk to the blind at 5 am. There’s a group ahead of us already and they have the six window seats. There’s a motorboat making a lot of noise nearby. The motorboat finally departs and the group that’s sitting has to leave because another big group is coming. We’re only four in our group so we get to stay.

The guide set up a telescope and lets us look through it to see the different parrots that come to the site: orange checked parrot, dusty headed parrot, chestnut fronted macaw, and yellow crowned parrot.

We try to take a photo using my camera through the telescope but it comes out pretty blurry.

Some other folks have better luck with their cameras. Parrots come to the clay lick because it provides minerals and salts, neutralizes the toxins from the seeds they eat, and to socialize. Back for real breakfast at 7 am.

The buffet

Our table


Saw a wild turkey which is called “the horned screamer”.

At 7:30 am we take the boat back to the bus at Puerto Maldonaldo. It’s bigger than the one we arrived in.

So we have to all to cross the “dangerous” bridge to on foot.

Our plane is late so we do not arrive in Cusco until 2pm. Had to call the hostel for a ride as they didn’t know when we would arrive. Only thing on our schedule is to pick up our train tickets for Machu Picchu. Unfortunately, we find out that the agent was not able to get the tickets yet. I have a bad headache from the altitude (3360 meters) but am not experiencing the difficulty breathing I had had in Lhasa (3658 meters). We have a cheap dinner of roast chicken, french fries and chicken soup (which had chicken feet). I decide to take a Diamox for the altitude sickness when we get back to the hostel. Went to sleep but woke up at 8 pm to lose my dinner.

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