02 November, Sunday - Day 6

Bus to Ollantaytambo in the Sacred Valley

Up at 6:30 am. Feeling better. Breakfast is pita like bread, jam, butter, bananas and coca tea. We take a cab to the bus station. Priced the buses and decided to take a private van to Ollantaytambo for the extra $2 instead.

We notice little roof ornaments in the villages -- bulls

There are many old ladies bent over from carrying a lifetime of baggage on their backs. Arrived in Ollanta at 10:30 am. Ollanta (2850m) is lower than Cusco (3360m) The hostel has laundry lines on the roof. I find there’s a ladder to climb to get to the roof top. What fun. Rusela looked for the local laundromat. Couldn’t find it but the hostel will send out laundry tomorrow. There’s a museum next door but it’s closed today. We suspect today is a holiday. We walked over to the train station to try to find out what the story is about the strike for November 4th. The ticket man is very pessimistic and says that he thinks the strike will last for several days. The owner of the hostel says not believe this as most strikes only last a day IF they take place at all.

City Gate
Rusela at the Ollantaytambo Inca Gate

Ollanta was an Inca town planned in the shape of a llama and has little channels in its cobble stone streets for irrigation and fresh water.

Fresh water irrigation canals from Inca times

Defender - Ollantaytambo does not fall to the Spaniards


Souvenir Shops
Souvenir Shops


There’s a hummingbird visiting the bougainvillea and fuchsia outside our bedroom window.

We have dinner at the Hearts Café which donates its profits for the benefit of women and children in the Sacred Valley. It’s supposed to be a typical Peruvian meal: Chica morado, a cherry bark flavored drink (not fermented), chicken with tomatoes, carrots and onions, boiled potatoes, white rice, and quinoa soup. The dessert is banoffi pie. It’s unusual and not too sweet made with banana and condensed milk on graham cracker crust.

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