04 November, Tuesday - Day 8

Free day in Ollantaytambo. Visit to Chinchero.

Election and Strike Day. We had done absentee ballots. Up late as we understand that no transportation will be available as the people support each other during strikes. Temperature is 60 degrees and sunny. Announcement that there is no strike. Trains will run tomorrow. Guillermo will have tickets delivered to us today. We decide to go to the village of Chinchero to finish using our multiple tourist ticket that we purchased at the fortress. Negotiated a taxi to take us and wait for us there.

Lots of sheep at the ruins.

It’s a pleasant place to hang out.

The elevation is higher here and we are tired from yesterday so we walk around at a very slow pace.

There is a rock with seven chairs carved out of it. Also a large stone chair above the terraces and below by the river. We see a French couple doing the ruins independently. We will meet them again in Puno.

Visited the local church. There’s a statute of a Spaniard trampling St. Santiago. The church ceiling has Incas in feather headdresses. No video or photography is allowed inside so I bought a postcard. Taxi driver was surprised that we took so long touring the area. Said most folks only spend a half an hour in Chinchero. We spent 3.5 hours.

So far Chinchero is the highest place we’ve been at 3760 meters. Machu Picchu will be at 2430 meters so I should be okay for hiking there. We have tea and scones at Heart’s Café. A lady tells us that the two best restaurants are at our hostel and Hearts Café because they both use treated water to wash their vegetables and salads. While paying for our tea, Rusela found out she had been given a counterfeit 5 soles. She knew exactly where she had gotten it so she went back to that store to get it replaced. She had to get the police involved to get her refund.

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