07 November, Friday - Day 11

Free day in Cusco. Visit Inca Museum.

Breakfast at 9 am then a walk to the center of town to find the Inca museum that was recommended by the British ladies from our group in the Amazon.

Turn here

Turn here for the Inca Museum

The guard at the gate shot us

The museum also covered pre-Inca cultures along with the impact of the conquest and colonial times on the natives. The Moche artwork is very realistic. Again, no video, flash or non-flash photography are allowed. There are turquoise figurines ¼ to ½ inch tall, all with different faces and hats. They all have big noses as well. Q’osqo (Cusco) means “navel of the world” and was built in the shape of a puma. There is an Inca prayer which is similar to the Lord’s prayer except that it states “do not take me by the arm, take me by the hand”. There is a replicated burial crypt containing real mummies, including a child. We learn later that child fatalities were very high. The museum is housed in the Admiral’s Palace from the 17th century. There are examples of the elongated skulls created by the nobility by placing boards on their infant’s heads. Also on display are the trepinated skulls generated from early brain surgery.

Weavers at the Inca Museum

We didn't eat lunch here

View from where we ate lunch


Lady and her daughter dressed up for tourist photos and a normal lady with baby onboard selling goods.

Checked our travel budget. Despite paying more at Machu Picchu for two days, we are still on target as we had saved on other things.

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