09 November, Sunday - Day 13

Puno - Sillustani Necropolis Ruins Afternoon Tour

We’re up at 7:30 for breakfast on the 4th floor of the hostel. I have no headache so take it easy going up the stairs. There’s ham and cheese so we make sandwiches for later. Free internet is available in the lobby. Rusela goes to explore the town while I relax. I can hear a band playing from my room. Puno is supposed to be Peru’s folklorico dance and music capital. Later we walk up to a park where there’s an arch built in 1847 for a picnic lunch. Next to the park is a volleyball game with loudspeakers playing music. The guidebook said this was supposed to be a quiet place to enjoy Puno. It didn’t take in account any volleyball games. In the center of town, taxis are parading with ribbons and white and blue balloons. I think it is a wedding. At 2 pm, the agency picks us up for the tour of the Sillustani necropolis ruins (900 to 1300 CE). The tour picks up several people from their various hostels. We are first to get picked up because our hostel is right by the agency. Because of the nature of tourism, we recognize people from different places at different sites as we journey from town to town.

The van stops at an overlook so we get a chance to see Lake Titicaca and Puno from the hilltop.

Our tour guide mixes English and Spanish in the same sentence so it gets confusing at times.

Approach to the ruins

Woodpecker holes

Sillustani is surrounded by water on 3 sides.

A big chief must have been buried here

Older tombs

Samples to try

After the ruins, we stop at a “typical” native ranch. There’s platters of food to try and souvenirs to buy. Rusela bought a fresh white cheese.

Guinea Pigs

There’s a vegetarian restaurant only a few doors away from our hostel which is recommended by the guidebook so we eat there. We had been sharing meals and should have done so again as the set menu of quinoa soup and mixed vegetables was an enormous portion. Despite overeating, we enjoyed the yogurt fruit frappe dessert.

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