11 November, Tuesday - Day 15

Boat trip to Taquile, Return to Puno

Up at 5am. Didn’t want to use the chamber pot in the room so did the trek out to the outhouse. Should have brought my camera along.

View from Rusela's bed

Amantani Gate

View out the front

The early morning lighting is beautiful and gone by the time I fetch my camera. Mama’s daughter, Marie, is walking into the kitchen with wild garlic. This would have made a nice photograph if I had been alert.

Marie peeling potatoes

Mama at the hearth

The family keeps their guinea pigs behind the hearth. They are squeaking as the pot boils away on the fireplace. Mama fires up the gas stove and makes us pancakes for breakfast while her daughter has soup. I think I would have rather had the soup.

Off to the boat for our next island stop which is Taquile. Another hike up and up and up to the town’s center. Taquile is supposed to be 4000 meters in elevation. Set lunch of either trout or omelet.

While we wait for lunch, our guide, Marketa, gives a lecture about the use of pom poms during the mating rituals of the natives using the waiter from the restaurant as her model..

One of the tourist guys likes to take pictures of all the children.

I have run out of small money. On the way down, I see a little girl selling woven wristbands. I give her a dollar and she doesn’t know what to do with it. Since its one sole per band, I take three.

The little girl looks so bewildered holding the dollar that all the tourists stop to take her picture.

It’s supposedly 500 steps downhill to the dock. I asked one guy who had done the Inca trail (Camino Real) at Machu Picchu if these steps were as difficult. He said “No, the Inca trail was steeper and narrower”. After Amantani, Taquile does not seem so interesting.

Many tourists are getting sunburnt. Folks like to sit on the top deck of the boat and since it’s uncovered, they are becoming lobsters.

Back in Puno, Our hostel, Munay Tambo gave us the same room which we appreciated. The pedometer says we did 6000 steps today. It sure felt like more.

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