16 November, Sunday - Day 20

Bus from Chivay to Arequipa. Overnight bus to Nasca.

We’re up at 8 am for breakfast of scrambled eggs and papaya juice. The manager shows us videos of the canyon. He also explains that the owners of the hostel in Arequipa used to work for him before they had a baby. He’s going with us on the bus as he is hosting a hiking tour from Arequipa. At the bus station, a family is dragging their alpacas into the cargo hold. Luckily, the poor animals get off at the next stop. Bus shows two movies dubbed in Spanish. “Scary Movie” which I could follow but was very crude for public consumption and “Gone in 60 seconds” which I couldn’t follow.

Got to Arequipa and hung out at the hostel until we were bored. The Lonely Planet guidebook recommended a walk to the Yanahuara suburb district so we did that. The overlook of the city and El Misti mountain made it worthwhile.

El Misti

Tower of Plaza de Armas on far right

Child climbing the sillar vase. He'll stand up in a moment and his mother will yell at him.

We ate a late lunch at the Picateria Sol de Mayo. It felt like a resort.

It's Sunday afternoon and the band is playing.

Children playing in the pond. The sun was warm and the breeze was cool.

Saw men ordering cuy from the menu. But the poor animal was splayed, deep fried with it’s head on. Also it was a huge dish. Couldn’t bring myself to order it. Had fish instead.

We notice that the WC is marked SSHH. SH meant hygienic service but couldn’t understand why it was doubled. Did it mean doubly clean? We enjoyed the bakery so much last time we were in Arequipa we thought about going back to it, but it’s Sunday so the shops are closed. We get the Cruz del Sur bus at 9:30 pm for the overnight to Nasca. The bus ran the movie “Firewall” in English with Spanish subtitles and gave us a late dinner of omelette and rice. I didn’t bother to watch the movie and tried to get some sleep. Woke up during the middle of the night because the bus was swaying from side to side which was a weird feeling. Next moment, it’s time to get off at Nasca so I guess I fell asleep.

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