18 November, Tuesday - Day 22

Flight over the Nasca Lines, Bus to Paracas

Despite the roosters serenading us at 5 am, we slept till 7 am. Last night was punctuated with dogs barking and cats mating. We’re surprised that Nasca is so noisy. We are told there is cockfighting here so that’s why there are so many roosters. Also, the Nasca region is a big chicken producer for Peru. We have fruit and cereal for breakfast. Ate lightly as the guidebook states that the airplane ride over the lines can be turbulent. The visibility is a little foggy this morning which we are told is unusual. It lifts by the time we take our flight. The airplane tour was 30 minutes and it wasn’t rough at all. Some of our bus rides had been more bumpy. The lines of the famous images were easy to see and the pilot made sure that both sides of the plane had a chance to see everything. Would have been nice to have had the option to see the Palpa lines as well.

Many lines don't seem to have a purpose

One can see why the area needs irrigation to grow crops

The cormorant symbol is on the left bottom

The hands are pretty clear to see

We were back by 10:15 am and the hostel served us scrambled eggs. We take the Cruz del Sur bus to Paracas which is a 3 hour bus ride. Watched the “Wedding Singer” onboard which was cute. Our hostel in Paracas picks us up at the bus stop. We negotiate the Ballestras Island boat tour and decide on a private tour of the reserve for tomorrow.

We have dinner of mixed cerviche and seafood subado (tomato sauce) with white rice at one of the numerous bayside restaurants.

The hostel is situated by the bay and is a pretty location so we decide to stay an extra night here rather than going onward to Lima for our last night in Peru.

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