A Quick Czech Adventure - May 2005 (continued)

05.16.05 Travelling to Telc
Our friend, Henry Hahn, grew up in Telc. He was twelve when the Nazis forced his parents to flee the area. Henry arranged for us to have a special tour of his home town starting with a visit with the Mayor.

Mirror at the Mayor's office
We took a climb up the tower and Earl got to be claustrophobic and acrophobia at the same time.
Still the view was worth the climb.
Telc is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
On the left is the castle grounds.
The yellow flowers are an industrial oil crop
Steep roofs
A family used to live in the tower.
No bell ringing allowed.

05.17.05 - Telc.
We are given a tour of the Telc Castle which was originally a 14th century Gothic structure. Zacharias of Neuhaus redid the castle in Italian Renaissance style in the 1500's and also had the entire town square done to match.

Town square
detail from house above
Never seen a dog in a raincoat before.
Afterwards, we visited the Jewish Cemetery
and Henry gave a presentation at the local stamp club.
After the stamp club I had a few minutes to walk around and take some more pictures
Door knob at our pension
Outside the restaurant
An interesting menu item.


Our host, Marilyn Hahn, is always smiling and taking our pictures.
Our pension in Telc
Poster on a door.
Old city wall.


05.18.05 - Back to Prague.
It was a rainy day. I got separated from the group so stayed at the pension. We catch the bus back to Prague and managed to get a room at the Airport Tranzit Hotel. Wonderfully modern and convenient since we have to get up at 4:30 am to catch our flight back to Miami.