Day Two
29th April – Monday.
We wake up in Haskovo, the sun is shining brightly and Nelly is staying with cousin Nicola. We'll see her again near the end of trip. Vic's in a hurry to hit the road towards Burgas and the Black Sea as it is about a 230 mile drive.

We arrived in Burgas around 2 pm and took a quick walk through the pedestrian streets. Burgas is a very modern town and there are lots of young folks walking the promenade. Earl notes that to be a properly dressed Bulgarian, one should have a black leather style jacket with boots.

Earl wants his picture taken in front of the
Soviet World War II Monument of happy liberated Bulgarians.

Back into the car to go further south to the very old Bulgarian style summer resort village of Sozopol.

Sozopol was the oldest Greek colony on the Black Sea coast, founded in the 6th century BCE as Apollonia. The town houses unique architectural and historical monuments.

Click here for scenes of Sozopol.

The tourist season for the Black Sea doesn’t start until the end of May so the town was nice and quiet.

Vic’s first hotel choice was closed for renovations.  List Hotel lets us in for $30 a night despite being in construction mode and since it is a four star, Vic is ecstatic. 

Vic hunts up an internet café so he can check his email and I check mine using a whole five cents worth of internet time. After this, I decide to take vacation in stride and stop checking email for the rest of the trip.

Instead of dinner, we have a late lunch at Ksantana restaurant overlooking the Black Sea. 

Vic orders preserved fish, herring, sardines, and ground roasted red pepper sauce in addition to Earl’s calamari stuffed with cheese and octopus.  He also insists on dessert--palicenti with honey and nuts.

I don't have to order anything. There's plenty of food to sample!


After lunch, we walked the old town which has lots of cats. 

Vic inspired photo

Time for a break.  I fall asleep in the bathtub.  In the evening, Earl meets with Vic to look at philatelic stuff and then they decide to go out for a drink and dessert. I decide to stay in and SLEEP.