30th April – Tuesday.
Here's a scene showing our Hotel List in Sozopol on the far right.

Vic takes us on a short drive south to show us the Dunes.

There are pretty flowers on the ground and
I pick up some cockle shells as souveniers. 

The sand is very soft and Earl says it reminds him of the California coastline.

There are hawks breeding on the electrical structures and hunting along the marsh. Unfortunately, I did not bring the bird lens for my camera.

We then turn north to Nessabar -- a very touristy town with a picturesque windmill. 

Artists have many colorful drawings and paintings for sale. Cruise ships dock here.  We visit the archeology museum and check out the ruins. 
Click here for scenes from Nessabar

There are fresh fish vendors and Earl has to play with the gobies.

Vic takes us to lunch where Earl starts with tripe soup with milk and garlic.  Vic keeps spooning more and more garlic into the soup. Vic asks if this is a problem for us. Earl wants fresh fish and upon inspection of the "strange bones" figures out it is really skate (ray).

There are swallows nesting throughout the town.  It is fun watching them swoop into their hanging nests.

Vic gets us rooms in nearby Sunny Beach for $20 in a villa house. 

We go back to Nessabar to walk around and have dinner at a traditional Bulgarian cuisine restaurant—Earl wants to eat inside where it is heated, despite Vic's and my protests about the nice crisp cool air outside. 

I tried the goulash which was all tomato paste and potatoes.  Earl has a good meat dish with pork, onions, mushrooms, garlic roasted peppers.  Vic and I finished with the best palicenti – freshly made with strawberry jam.    Just like my Mom’s except it had whipped cream.  After dinner Earl & Vic go to the outside kitchen/dining area of the villa to watch a blow-em-up movie on TV.