2nd May Thursday.

Vic has some business to do in Varna in the morning, so we get to sleep in.
Driving north of Varna, Vic takes us by the resort town of Golden Sands.

Friendly umbrellas
at Golden Sands

The apartments by the sea come complete with swallows nesting in the balconies.

Soon all the of the Black Sea coastline of Bulgaria will be filled with resorts. There is construction going on everywhere.

Around noon Vic takes us to see the botanical gardens near Balchik which we are surprized to find out is really the
palace of Queen Marie of Romania during the 1920s. The palace grounds are very beautiful with waterfalls, ponds and stairways.

One spot is situated so you get a cooling draft of air from the water below.

Vic hasn't been to the gardens since he was 5 years old.

He regaled us with memories of being upset and crying in the stone chair that overlooks the sea.

Click here for scenes of the palace and gardens

It's still early so we drive further north to the red limestone cliffs of the Kaliakra Cape Nature Preserve.

We have a late lunch at the park's restaurant which is in a cave.

Vic and I walk some of the trails. Earl finds the trails too scary. There is a safety gate on one of the trails. Since the trail goes on past the gate I go just far enough beyond to get some edgy photographs. I wouldn't attempt this trail on a wet or windy day.

Click here for scenes of Kaliakra cape

Earl plays it safe and walks where there is no cliffs

Earl wants to visit the wetlands at the bottom of the cliffs. Vic finds a nice spot by the bottom of the cliffs that he wants for his next house. Not much wetlands but there are some shy frogs and ducks.

Everyone feels we have done MAJOR tourism today. The scenery just isn't going to get much prettier than this.

We go back and spend the night in Varna after stopping off to get more yogurt for Earl.