Friday - November 1st - Lhasa

It's time to visit Potala Palace.

No, it's not a postcard, this is the view of Potala Palace from our hotel.

I've decided to ditch my vest of many pockets and SLR camera for the morning and save some weight. It will be easier for climbing all the steps.

Seth starts with us, looks up and decides to go back to the hotel.

Potala is painted in two colors, the white washed section is for religious affairs and the reddish brown section is for secular business.

Monks climbing the stairs up to Potala

I'm glad to see that there is a sign stating that no photography is allowed in the palace. We go up to top, buy some postcards for Seth and people watch for a while. We visit the palace museum.

At the top of Potala Palace.

Looking down at Lhasa from Potala Palace

Then it's downhill. Chie-Mie counts 350 steps on the way down. Some steps are steeper than others.

Lady working on tapestry at Potala

We opt to go back to the hotel for our lunch break and eat some of the fruit that we have collected along the way.

Seth joins us for the afternoon. We go to the Tibetan Museum built in 1999. There are electronic guides which one can key in the displays for edification. Earl likes the folk art and culture exhibit.

Seth & Chie-Mie now go to see traditional Tibetan medicine and acupuncture while Earl & I opt to hang out in the van. Earl's squeamish about such things.

Because we skipped lunch for the past two days, our guide treats us to the Tibetan dinner show at the Crazy Yak restaurant. It's a lot of fun with folk music and dance. The crazy yak dances like a chinese lion and gives Earl a hug.

The buffet has goodies like lamb's lung and yak blood sausage. I finally figure out how to drink yak butter tea. I've had difficulty in the past because it is salty. The tea comes in a small bowl, if I think of it as soup rather than tea, I'm able to enjoy it.

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