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I want to thank you for having such a wonderful website. It is very
informative and helped me out with some concerns I had about my Beta Fish.
Great Website.

Kristin - NJ - Fri., October 17, 2003

Great Site. you must have a big apartment and a bigger love for fish
Rock Island, IL USA -

Why is Earl sitting on Seth?
Ray <skyking96w@aol.clm>
Winter Springs, FL USA -

hi, i love your website and really appreciate all of the info you keep on it... i'm wondering if you might have any suggestions... my albino cory cat has began acting strangely the past few days... before, it was very active, swimming all over the tank, now it usually rests on the bottom of the tank or on a plant all day long and only moves when it decides it's time to find a new spot to lay on the bottom... none of the other fish in the tank are doing this, including another albino cory... any advise??? thanks so much...
stace <>
huntington, WV USA -

thanks for the delightful website
Bill P.

I have a 10 gal. tank, its been up for about 9 months, i have 2 tiger barb, and the rest tetras with an ugly algae eater too, about 4 months ago my tank started turning ugly green and cloudy, I have done the algae distroyer, cloudy chemicals, water conditioner etc. the fish seem to be fine but it looks horrible. Any other suggestions? Please email me to my address because I do not know if I can find you again on the internet, oh did i tell you, computer knowledge is not high on my smarts either, ha ha.I would appreciate anything you can tell me, I also vacuum out the tank about half every 3 weeks and there is always crap I mean a lot of it at the bottom, i just bought a new filter hoping it was that, its not. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
chuck <>

great website you have answered my questions before very well too Corey
corey <bball_boy08>
chicago, USA -

nice and interesting site - Thank You / greetings from Versicherungen

I really like what you had done to your website. You should be proud of yourself of everyone you helped
Katie <>
Corfu, NY USA -

I would like to know if it would be possible to obtain mollies like the ones that you have in your picture? I also enjoyed the flag fish.
John W. Van Kerk <>
Monmouth, Il USA -

Great site! Really enjoyed my visit
mary <>
st.charles, mo USA -

very nice page keep up the good work
derek <>
hampshire, greatbritain -

Many greetings from "old germany". Andrč Galitz
Andrč Galitz <>
Drakenburg, Germany -

Hey I like your site and i just wanted to ask you a question, how can you tell a boy guppy from a girl?
James Dyson <whitekillerdragon @>
charelstone, WV USA -

Hi I have a 5 1/2 gallon tank and it is set up can you tell me if it is possible to successfully keep a red tailed shark in a tank this size (1 only) ???????? Please let me if it is possible , A challenge definitely but is it POSSIBLE??????? email me thankyou
heathir <>
M........., il USA -

What a great site! I look forward to reading more in the "Fish Tank", really appreciate you guys for making the site! Its really cool of you two!
Neil Motter <>
San Diego, CA USA -

Great Site!!! Where does one find those everglade mollys? Are they available outside FLA?
Sean <>
marlborough, ma USA -

Hi Folks. nice to see someone named galitz. mail me if you are coming to stuttgart someday. many greetz from germany Nadine
Nadine Galitz <>
Stuttgart, BW Germany -

You guys really helped me to take better care of my betta! But how do I ask you questions about my fish? Thanks for everything!
Stacy <>
Golden, CO USA -

Hi Marisa, Love your site. I read when I clicked on your fish link that you're getting alot of hits. Send them my way! We teach this sort of thing. Let me know when you post new pics. Take care! Mon
Monica <>
vero beach, fl USA -

Hello! First I want to thank you, your website answered alot of questions, but I still have some more. 1) I have a 2 gallon tank, and I have 3 fish. 1 Male betta, and 2 what walmart calls "Small Cal Fan" thats their abreviations. Is this ok? 2) It has an underground filtration system, does this mean I will have to clean it often? If so, how often is best? 3)I was using tap water and adding Tera Aqua Safe to the water, and the fish seem to be fine. But should I use distilled water instead? 4) Since I got my fish, the two Small Cal Fin's are eating, but my beta seems not to want to eat. Was he just over feed at the store? 5)Sorry for all these questions, but this is my last... I have the light on pretty much all the time to help keep the water at a good temp. So I am going to add a rock for the beta(aka Nate) to hide under, will this make him settle down? Sometimes he chages or harrsses the other big fish in the tank. Thanks, if you could also CC your response to,I would apprecatie it. Thanks.. PS. sorry about the spelling. --Rob
Robbie McCartney <>
Storm Lake, IA USA -

I was reading through your question and answer area, looks great. I was able to get answers to some of my questions already. One question I have though is, I was given a 30 gal. tank with eight fish in it. Curtis had left about 5" of water in the tank and it took about 1/2 hour to get it home. I stopped at a local pet store which sells a number of fish as well as taking care of some of the fish tanks set up in doctors offices and such. I bought some additives to take care of the hard water around here. The water in the tank was 75 degrees and I kept the new water around 75 to 77 degrees. So far the fish seem fine. From what I've read, I have less fish than tank which suits me fine. There is a lot of trash in the bottom of the tank and I had bought a fish tank vacuum, water replinisher also. When should I start cleaning the gravel in the tank. It has a bottom filter, a heater, two ariaters and some sort of water recycler, one at each end. One doesn't work so I plan on replacing it. Is there anything else I need to do? I've never owned a fish tank before so this is all new. I enjoyed tanking care of the ones in junior high and rememberd some of what I had done there. Thanks for all the help and the tips. I look forward to reading more of them. God Bless!!! Ernest :^)
Ernest Bumby <>
Farmington, NM USA -

Thanks for having a web page with Betta facts.You solved some of my betta's problems with water temp.I'll ask my Betta question when you get back.Thanx a bunch. -Alexa-
Alexa <>
Grass Valley, CA USA -

Bulgaria ? Pleased you liked it. Here is my question. Generally speaking, are Bulgarian philatelic items cheaper in Bulgaria or elsewhere ? Hamish Kirk a Scotsman who has adopted Bulgaria as his home. 00359 5313 2723
hamish <>

Thank you so much for all of the information. our site is VERY helpful, and the information is sent back very soon! I know where to go if I ever have any questions! Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Krista <>
Cleveland, OH USA -

What a helpful site!!!! Even though you are so far away, i found your site very helpful with its' links. Thanks again, Chris Blundell...
chris blundell <>
southport, united kingdom -

Thank for the info, I'll let you know the outcome
ronnie colangelo <>
ny, ny USA -

Love your website. Keep up the good work!!
Lee <>

I have a 125 gallon ,and a 10 gallon. I like to check out aquarium sites.. yours is a good one!
Robbie <>
Homestead, Florida USA -

Greetings from Germany! Peter
Peter Hutterer <>
Bavaria, Germany -

All this is really interesting, and the presentation is great. Thanks for sharing it with me.
Meir Pann <>
Bay Harbor Islands, FL USA -

i was trying to get the Immature Wild Animal Porn channel and i ended up at your site. geez, wotta downer !!
Seth Daniel Lefkow <>
Bay Harbor Islands, FL USA -

elizabeth <>
waycross, ga USA -

Hi, I was trying to find out how many small fish my Grandson can keep in a 10 gallon heated aquarium measuring 24"x12"x12" and found your site. Nice one, but any idears?. Roy. U.K
Roy Lewis <>
United Kingdom -

hi, how are you. love the site. bye
rachel keewatin <>
kenora, ont canada -

Thanks For the info on your site Ihope for a response soon and later because i have alot of que's and need an expierienced friend that know's what they are talking about because my hobby is growing out of control physically and mentally for me to be so nieve on what I am doing. Hope to make a good student.
linc, ne USA -

I was just looking for information on keeping an aquarium, and I stumbled on to your web-site. It all looks very good, keep up the good work.
Phil <>
Fresno, CA USA -

I enjoyed your site...I hope you have a good time in Alaska! (Hope you have a good fish-sitter :) Scott
Scott Welsh <>
Scranton, PA USA -

Just stopped by for a visit. I wanted to say thanks for your patronage while you were in need of a photolab in Wash DC a while back. I hope you will visit us if you are ever in the DC area again. Good luck.
Jim Young <>
Wash, DC USA -

I have run across your name & web pages on eBay a number of times. I just looked at your wonderful pictures from Sofia. My father is Bulgarian & met my American mother when she was in Prague teaching. I still have many relatives in Bulgaria, and although my parents have been back many times, I have yet to make it Bulgaria. I will someday soon!! Emily
Emily Panayotoff West <>
Wilminton, NC USA -

Did a search on the Galitz name and found your page. I'm doing family research on the family which emigrated to Chicago in the 1860s. Is/was Earl a lawyer that I might have contacted quite a few years ago?
Sharon Galitz <>
Surprise, AZ USA -

Best wishes you guys. Nice site!
George Phillips <>
Miami, FL USA -

Marisa: I love your site! Beth
Beth Czeskleba <>
Miami, FL USA -

i also keep fish i will have 10 tanks very soon at present 6 i breed and keep tropical fish. it has been nice visiting your web page hope i could set mine up as good as you guys have as they say in london wicked I work as an electrical mechanical engineer hope your fish are all well take care god bless
Walter Jansz <walterjansz'>
london, England -

Folk dancers from Miami, Florida in the 1970's. You (Earl)seem to have led an adventurous and fulfilling life since then. Harold is currently retired from academic life (assistant dean, department head); we don't dance anymore --- we've settled down to a bucolic and rather commercial existence on a 27-acre horse farm in rural Penna Dutch area. Helen has become quite a collectible-and-antique dealer. Hal (Harold)keeps busy doing multi-lingual editing and data analysis for an intellectual sweatshop in technical market research. You've done a very nice job on your website. I was just surfing this Easter 2001 morning and ran across it. Congratulations on your stamp accomplishments, also. Best wishes to you and Marisa.
Harold Nils (& Helen) Pelta <>
Perkasie, PA USA -

I always thaught that I am the only "galitz" in the world ! But now I see it isn't so!
Markus Galitz <>
Munich, Germany -

We met you at Morgan's Restaurant and enjoyed reading your page. We used to collect salt water fish, but only those that we caught by ourselves. We had several tanks, including an Invertabrate tank, so we know how this hobby can mushroom. When we moved from our house, we transformed our 200 gallon tank to a terrarium. Good luck.--Beverly Yelen
Beverly Yelen <>
Miami, FL USA -

How much do you want for your web name? We see you have other friends in Bay Harbor. Say hello to your folks!
lynda and richard galitz <>
bay harbor, fl USA -

Great site! I love the Marisa&Earl cover. What's that about a tux? I'm looking forward to your future adventures. xoxo Liz
Liz Estefan <>
Bay Harbor , FL USA -

Hi Marisa, Just checking to see how Aunt Mary is doing. Thanks for posting the info. It's a nice way to stay informed. Tell her we're thinking of her. Sue
Susan Eikelberry <>
Ravenna, oh USA -

Hello Earl and Marisa! It is a nice homepage indeed! Greeting from Czechoslovakian stamp collecter in Japan.
c-breaker <>
Tokyo, Japan -

Hey, That is a great work Marisa. Nice site! Where did my pictures disappear? Vic.
Vic - Bulgaria over Greece occupation collector <>
Sofia, bg Bulgaristan -

I like it! I like it!
bay harbor islands, fl USA -

Hi Marisa! Congrats on the site. The photos from Arizona looked fantastic! Take care, and enjoy your own little stake in the ground on the Web. Best --- Tony
Tony Panaccio <>
Tampa, FL USA -

Dear Earl, you are right! I remember a younger man without a white beard!!! No doubt - time goes by - even in philately! Now I am 37 years old and I am looking forward to I time I am a white-bearded Eastern Rumelia collector. A shocking idea! I fear to become older than my R.O stamps are now - with a beard to the ground! Best wishes Thomas
Thomas Hitzler <>
Munich, Germany -

Larry told us at the club that you received a new web site for your birthday. Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY We miss you guys !!! Still meet on Thurs. 7PM Stop by.
Carol and Ken Barrus <>
Miami, Fl USA -

The web site is nice. It will be a good way to keep up with family news. Keep in touch.
Bill & Eileen Fede & Karen <>
Mantua, Oh USA -

Your site is so cool! I love all the juicy tid-bits of info such as the weather...keeps me in the loop. You should have a gossip link........I love it!
Monica <>
Zero Vero Beach, FL USA -

You amazing Galitz' there anything you don't do well? Now I guess Pat is going to want a website also....sooooo stand should be hearing from him of luck with your new BABY
P.J. Degross <>
Key Largo, Fl USA -

Ok, you can get me set up whenever you're ready...great fun...congratulations....Tom
Tom Caldwell <>
Dayton, OH USA -

Ok, I'm jealous. I hope you get many hours of enjoyment out of your new "toy". Look forward to seting up my own page under your watchful eye. All the best.RP
Rob Parente <>
Miami, FFl USA -

Cool website Ralph the Troll!
sister nina <>
baltimore, md USA -

Hi Marisa! Congratulations for your starting web-page. I can't wait to see the addition you will be making soon, I guess. L.C.
Luis Castańeda <>
Miami, FL USA -

Nice site!
Betty Hubschman <>
Miramar, FL USA -

Since I'm obliged by the guestbook script to say something, here it is: Earl, how much do you want for that cool postal card with the Constanta transit postmark?
Don Heller <>
Ames, IA USA -

Welcome to our new website. Earl got a for his birthday. Our old site had over 400 hits from folks all over the world.